Irène Grant-Guérette’s exhibition L’hiver à la campagne opens at Assumption Gallery

11/12/2014 12:00:00 AM

Artist Irène Grant-Guérette’s exhibition L’hiver à la campagne opens at the Assumption Gallery. A dozen of her paintings will be on display until December 2014.


Originally from New Carlisle in Gaspésie, Grant-Guérette has lived in Nouvelle for 10 years now. But having spent 35 years in New Brunswick, she is delighted to return to Acadia and show her work. Irène Grant-Guérette received the Order of Canada for her social commitment, particularly for her contribution to promoting the French language in New Brunswick.


A passion born later in life 
She has been painting for 25 years, but had never touched a paint brush before that time. Her introduction to art remains etched in her memory: "I was helping my sister in a painting class for Aboriginal children. A little boy in the class asked me, ’Why aren’t you painting? If you want, I can show you,’” recounts Grant-Guérette with a smile. I have not stopped painting since then. Creating allows me to express with shapes and colors what I cannot say otherwise. The key for me is the clarity of the message, without getting too caught up in theories and rules.”


"I like to paint people's lives" 
All Irene Grant-Guérette’s work feeds on life’s intense emotions. "I like to paint what is happening around me. Each painting is a story that touches me,” she explained. Strong emotions are usually the starting point for my paintings, the celebrations or the moments of collective sorrow.


She has had 20 solo and group exhibitions.