Isabelle Levesque’s Papillusion at Assumption Gallery

10/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

In September and October, the Assumption Gallery will be presenting Papillusion, an exhibit by Isabelle Levesque. A dozen of the New Brunswick artist’s photographs will be featured in her very first exhibit at the Assumption Gallery.

“I’m passionate about pictures. When I was young, I would tear pages out of my mother’s and sisters’ magazines and save photographs, attractive ads and copies of works of art that I found in those magazines,” says Ms. Levesque. “I love light, colours and shapes.”

With Papillusion, the artist endeavours to share with the public the mysteries concealed in a butterfly’s wings and the fascination they inspire. She uses macrophotography to reveal what cannot be seen by the naked eye. “This technique opens the door to abstraction and creates a new world of shapes, textures and colours. That’s why the images I create are quite abstract. Nature is truly my favourite subject,” states Isabelle.

The photographer wishes to generate a sense of well-being and balance. She wants to create an image that pleases the eye and captivates emotions. In her previous collection, Givre en bulles, she let nature play a role: she would blow soap bubbles, wait for frost to form, and then capture the result in a photograph.

“I try to combine atmosphere, emotion and light, and use my camera to seize the moment. I love a challenge and the opportunity to learn. And I’m discovering myself through my photography. I’m also discovering the details of the most common insects, birds, plants and other aspects of nature,” concludes Ms. Levesque.

Ms. Levesque has expertise using software for multimedia design, computer graphics, illustration, animation and Web programming. Originally from Saint-Quentin, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the Université de Moncton and did a co-op program in Multimedia Production Design and Management at the Dieppe campus of New Brunswick Community College. She completed her education at CompuCollege with a specialized course in publishing printed materials. Isabelle Levesque lives in Dieppe.