Gin & Julz’s Influence on exhibit at Assumption Gallery

1/6/2016 12:00:00 AM

Everything influences everything! Through a series of 15 vibrant works, Julie Arsenault and Ginette Melanson (the Gin & Julz duo), explore this theme under a very personal and original angle. Influence, the latest collection signed by the duo, will be showcased at Assumption Gallery until February 29.

The abstract silhouettes emerging from these paintings are based on form, motion, vibrant colors. “Some individuals grasp who or what we have embedded in the artwork instantly, while others find the artwork more of an optical illusion, explained Julie and Ginette. We are always pleased with both reactions. It is always very interesting to see how one particular creation can be viewed in different ways.”

The artists wanted to create a broad range of influential individuals, events, and objects during different time periods. With the exception of three, all of the people portrayed in this collection have passed on. “Four, if you believe Elvis is still alive!, said both artists with humor. Yet, most people know something about them or have at least heard their names. We would love for our pieces to evoke a memory or a feeling, perhaps from their childhood.” Their ultimate wish is that visitors reminisce about their own ‘Influences’.


An exciting collaborative venture

To create this new collection, the duo used a multi-step technique. “Individual pieces start with a digital creation that was cut into a paint mask. The canvas then receives its first base coat of paint. Once dry, the paint mask is then applied to the canvas. An overlay of acrylic paint is added using an abstract expressionist technique, explained Julie and Ginette. In the final step, the paint mask is carefully removed to reveal the finished product!” The duo created two pieces using this technique a few years back and loved the final look. Both pieces were the most discussed ones because of their unique characteristics. « Given the public’s reactions, we ultimately knew we would create a complete collection in this style », said the duo.

This collection in particular comes from both artists’ desire to create something unique using their individual techniques, skills, and inspiration.


Ginette Melanson

Originally from Dieppe, Ginette expresses her creativity through nail art in her own salon. Ginette has travelled extensively to several countries, attending workshops and absorbing local culture. Her travels have given her a unique perspective, expressed in her creations. Recently, Ginette wowed the crowd at the Art Battle Moncton event and won top prize. She moved on to the provincial stage of the competition in June.


Julie Arsenault

From Cocagne, Julie is a graphic designer who creates everything from digital animation to print media. As a music enthusiast, her portfolio includes promotional materials designed for the likes of Melanie Morgan, George Belliveau and Hert LeBlanc. With a natural skill for combining colors and styles, she also has a flair for interior design and décor. She has revamped several spaces, to the delight of her clients.

The Assumption Gallery exhibits contemporary, modern, and popular works inspired by history and folklore, as well as sculptures and photographs by professional Canadian artists. Six two-month shows are presented every year. The gallery is located at 770 Main Street, in Moncton, on the ground floor of Assumption Place.