Isabelle Savoie’s Les belles erreurs on show at Assumption Gallery

5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM

On display at the Assumption Gallery in May and June is a collection of ten paintings by Isabelle Savoie entitled Les belles erreurs. This is the artist’s first showing at the Gallery.
The mixed media works being presented incorporate the best of various media and techniques. “They represent detours, the unintended products of my experimentation with different techniques. Often, the glitches in my process of exploration generate the most beautiful pieces,” Ms. Savoie explains.
Drawing inspiration from photography, Ms. Savoie focuses on natural and urban environments. “I’m attracted by the simplicity and superposition of shapes and colours,” she says. “My approach is spontaneous and gives rein to improvisation and experimentation. For me, art has no rules. It’s a vehicle for the expression of individuality.”
The works in this collection mark the artist’s first exploration of the interplay between photography, digital art and inks. “I paint for the pleasure of it, trying to capture fleeting images that I glimpse in what I see around me,” notes Ms. Savoie.
The artist hopes that gallery-goers will come away with an appreciation of the importance of expressing themselves through pen and paper. “Anyone can liberate their artistic talent. All you need to do is silence your inner critics and let yourself go,” she concludes.
Born in Quebec’s Laurentian region, Isabelle Savoie has made her home in Dieppe, New Brunswick, since 2010.
The Assumption Gallery exhibits contemporary, modern and popular art, traditional and folk art as well as sculptures and photographs by professional Canadian artists. Six two-month exhibitions are presented every year. The Gallery is located at 770 Main Street in Moncton, on the ground floor of Assumption Place.