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Determining your needs

Are you saving up for a specific goal? Before choosing the best investment vehicle, you must first carefully identify what those goals are. What's on your wish list?


Prepare your retirement

Retirement is one of life's major stages. It's important to be properly informed in order to make the right decisions when accumulating and withdrawing assets.

Diversifying your investments is essential when saving for retirement. There are countless investment options With the help of Assumption Life's experts. you can look forward to a happy retirement!

Suggested product:

RRSP | TFSA | Non-Registered Investments

Manage your retirement income

After years of putting money aside and developing an investment strategy to grow your personal savings, it's time to plan the best way to draw from those savings

This crucial step involves structuring your income to meet your retirement goals. Every situation is unique. But the main objective remains the same: having enough income to meet your needs.

Suggested product:

RRIF | LIF I TFSA | Immediate Annuity | Non-Registered Investments

Save to buy a house

Your first house is without question the most important and exciting purchase you'll ever make! Before you can turn the key in the front door, you need to save enough for the down payment. Assumption Life offers products specially designed for that very goal.

*Subject to certain limitations.

Suggested products:

Non-Registered Investments | RRSP | TFSA

Save for a specific goal

Do you want to undertake a major project or achieve a specific goal? No matter what your project is, we will help you determine the amount you need and how to achieve your goal. Some of our products could make it easier for you.

Suggested products:

Non-Registered Investments | TFSA

Save for educational purposes

Whether you're returning to school or preparing for your children's education, serious planning is essential. Set aside the funds you need with the help of Assumption Life products.

Suggested products:

Non-Registered Investments | TFSA

Save for a vacation

Life is hectic and you deserve a great vacation to recharge your batteries. Set money aside so you can go on that vacation without having to worry about money! Here are some options from Assumption Life that can make that wonderful trip you've been dreaming about possible.

Suggested products:

Non-Registered Investments | TFSA