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Although rare, sometimes clients feel unfairly treated by Assumption Life or its representatives, or dissatisfied due to a misunderstanding. Should this ever happen to you, please do not hesitate to express your concerns to us. Below are the procedures to follow should you wish to express your dissatisfaction or voice a complaint.

Complaints lodged by our clients are important to us, and we are committed to responding to them promptly and in a most courteous manner. All complaints and personal information collected in their regard, whether orally or in writing, will be handled diligently and professionally.

Step 1: Let us know

Our company's employees and representatives are equipped to resolve almost any problem you may have, so please bring your concerns to the attention of your representative or a front-line employee, who will most likely be able to resolve the issue. If in doubt, simply contact our Client Services Department, which will direct you to the appropriate person.

Step 2: Speak to management

If, unfortunately, you remain dissatisfied after speaking with your representative or an employee, please ask to speak with a supervisor or the manager of the department in question.

Step 3: Lodge a Complaint with Assumption Life

If your problem somehow remains unresolved even after following the preceding steps, please lodge an official complaint with Assumption Life's chief complaint officer, who is responsible for independently reviewing complaints from clients and helping to identify a fair solution to your problem. The response you receive from our chief complaint officer is generally Assumption Life's final response.  If, however, you do not wish to make a complaint but report a dishonest act anonymously, visit our whistleblowing page.

Formal complaints must be lodged in writing using our complaint form.

Assumption Life will study your complaint and attempt to provide a response within 30 days business days. If we are not able to respond within that time, we will give the reason for this delay and provide an approximate response date.
Contact information for our chief complaint officer:
Mail Email Telephone
Assumption Life
770 Main Street
P.O. Box 160
Moncton, N.B.  E1C 8L1 Telephone: 1-506-853-6040
Toll free: 1-800-455-7337

Step 4: External recourse

If you are still not satisfied after following steps 1 through 3, you have the option of taking your complaint to one of the following organizations available to assist consumers.


OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance, Toronto office 

OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance ( OLHI)
20 Adelaide St. East, Suite 802, P.O. Box 29
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2T6
Local Toronto: 416-777-9002
Toronto Fax: 416-777-9750
Toll Free (Canada wide): 1-888-295-8112

OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance, Montreal office
Ombudsman des assurances de personnes (OAP)
17th Floor
2001 University Street
Montreal QC  H3A 2A6
Local Montreal: 514-282-2088
Montreal Fax: 514-285-4076
Toll free (within Quebec): 1-866-582-2088
Provincial regulatory authorities
You may also turn to the appropriate provincial authority at any time regarding your complaint. Contact the authority in your province of residence.

If your complaint concerns the manner in which your personal information is used, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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