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Dividends for participating policyholders
Participating life insurance policyholders have the opportunity to earn policyholder dividends. When you purchase a participating life insurance policy, your premiums are credited to an account called the Participating Account. Participating policyholders are eligible to receive earnings from that account.
Dividends are not guaranteed. They may be affected by several experience factors. Participating policies are grouped based on certain factors such as type of policy and when it was purchased. The experience of each group determines the dividends to be allocated within the group.
Dividends may vary upward or downward from those illustrated depending on a number of variables. Assumption Life’s appointed actuary looks at the mortality experience, the expense experience (including taxes) and the investment experience for each group of participating policies and makes an annual recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board dictates annually the dividend scales allocated to the next year.

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Universal Life Investment Account Performance
Universal Life Investment Account Performance
As of December 31, 2022
Accounts Daily 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years
Daily Interest Account [1] [2] 2.15% NA NA NA NA NA NA
High Interest Account [1] NA 2.15% NA 2.50% 3.50% NA NA
Guaranteed Interest Account [1] NA 2.95% NA 2.13% 1.76% NA NA
Balanced Account [1] NA -5.68% 1.83% 2.71% 2.28% 3.56% 3.98%
Fixed Income Account [1] NA -13.04% -9.32% -5.09% -2.81% -2.10% -1.30%
Canadian Dividend Account [1] NA -2.12% 10.29% 6.31% 4.04% 6.71% 5.06%
U.S. Equity Account [1] NA -7.47% 5.38% 7.93% 7.97% 7.51% 12.11%
Canadian Small Capitalization Account [1] NA 5.91% 17.97% 16.04% 5.64% 8.47% 6.35%
Money Market Account [1][2] NA 0.41% NA NA NA NA NA
Europe Account [1] NA -14.15% -3.50% -3.60% -1.76% -1.17% 2.87%
True North Account [1] NA -6.74% 6.42% 7.09% 5.85% 5.86% 6.89%
Assumption/ Balanced Portfolio [1] NA -8.92% -0.81% 0.78% -6.04% -3.22% -1.04%
  NA -14.71% 2.79% 6.07% 7.91% 7.85% 12.70%
S&P/TSX [1] NA -8.58% 5.37% 4.41% 3.73% 5.92% 4.60%

[1] These projected yields are neither a guarantee nor an estimate of future performance.
[2] The yield posted is the previous week’s yield, annualized.
[3] Please note that the returns shown under the name Assumption/Balanced Portfolio include returns from the former account CI/Harbour Growth & Income until November 20, 2019.

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