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Savings Calculator*

Illustrate savings accumulation.


Loan Calculator*

Illustrate the interaction amongst factors pertaining to a loan.


Investment Income*

Calculate your income with regards to several factors.


Investment Postponement*

What will be the impact of postponing your investments?


Tax Rates Calculator*

Calculate different tax rates with regards to your province and taxable income.


Inflation Calculator*

Today’s buying power for a future amount of money.



Is it pertinent to borrow in order to contribute to your RRSP? 


RRSP Tax Savings Calculator*

Tax savings generated from RRSP contribution.


Retirement Budget
and Inflation*

Demonstrate the effect of inflation on a retirement budget based in current dollar value.


Your Future
Earning Power*

What is your current economic value? 


RRIF Payment*

Calculate your RRIF payment and how long your RRIF will last.


LIF Payment*

Calculate your LIF payment and track the value of your LIF.


Government of Canada Calculators*

These tools and calculators from the Government of Canada's external website will help you calculate your budget, your mortgage, and your retirement income. 

* These calculators are for educational purposes only. All charts and illustrations are for illustrative purposes and are not intended to illustrate the true performance of any investment funds or portfolios in which you may invest your assets. You should not rely on the results as an indication of your funds performances or your financial needs and we recommend that you seek your own financial, investment, tax, legal or accounting advice.  

You hereby waive and release Assumption Life, its brokers and representatives from any and all claims and liabilities which you may have now or in the future, arising out of or attributable to the use of the calculator and the illustration generated by it.  You agree not to make or bring any such claim against Assumption Life, its brokers and representatives to that effect.

Should you wish to discuss your financial needs and the content of the illustration generated by the calculator, we invite you to contact your financial advisor.  If you do not have one, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our local advisor.